Hoff hypermarket chain chooses Smartix electronic queue

Hoff hypermarket chain, one of the largest Russian furniture and home goods chains, chooses the Smartix electronic queue to automate customer flows. Solution allows to offer visitors a modern queuing for designing, calculating and ordering kitchen.

Project features

Electronic queue is designed to receive all hypermarket services in the kitchen furniture and interior section — purchase, consultation, cost calculation, room measurement, delivery and assembly, project modification. Online registration for any service on the Hoff website is also available for customers.

Information board service displays an electronic queue in the corporate style of the company.

Why Smartix

Hoff hypermarket chain chose Smartix, taking into account several solution advantages:

1. Use of modern web technologies that allows to refuse installation of client programs and support the operation of the solution on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) through a browser.

2. Centralized management through a single back office, single server that integrates the work of all branches, workplaces, ticket kiosks and electronic scoreboards.

3. Built-in online monitoring and customer service statistics system, customizable report builder. For each employee, the operational status and its duration, efficiency in the context of the selected period of time are available online.

4. Ability to refine the complex to meet the changing needs of the customer, following modern trends in service automation.


Smartix electronic queue has been launched in 47 existing stores of the network and will continue to be scaled up when new stores are opened. Implementation of new solution made it possible to optimize customer service time, as well as improve the quality of services provided through the implementation of analytical reporting in online format. In addition, there was a significant increase in sales and key performance indicators compared to the previous year.

Smartix software fully complies with the requirements of the largest retailers for automation systems based on electronic queue. Understanding the format of building workflows with customers of the appropriate level, accumulated experience and competencies allow Smartix specialists to offer flexible, efficient and popular solution for automating client flows.