E-queue ticket kiosks


Devices based on self-service kiosks (electronic queue kiosks) for automating client flows.

Used by customers to receive e-queue tickets for selected services.

Devices can be supplemented with feedback forms, service quality assessment, any information services (maps, reference information), etc.


Smartix e-queue ticket kiosks provide an opportunity not only to receive a ticket, but also to identify the client by entering phone number or by bringing smart card to the built-in scanner.

An information exchange with the customer’s accounting system is carried out, transferred data about the client is available for manager in the Smartix back office.

Extended interaction with the internal accounting system is supported. Various points of integration with Smartix e-queue system are offered:

  • Electronic queue can create entities in external accounting system (customers, transactions, etc.)
  • System can perform number of checks in the external system, determine the possibility of visiting, priority and other parameters of the e-queue ticket
  • System can fill attribute composition of the client, which will be available to operator (for example, contract number, debt amount, etc.)

Adaptive web interface

E-queue ticket kiosks use modern web interfaces to select services and print e-queue tickets, which can be adapted to any screen format.

It is possible to deploy a wide variety of features for business automation.

In addition to the basic UI we develop professional screen design depending on the field of activity, we offer branding or custom interface development.

Menu control

The menu of e-queue kiosks is managed in the Smartix back office. Flexible configuration of groups and items for display on the device is supported.

In addition to creating a tree-like menu and structuring queues depending on their purpose, it is proposed to add icons, descriptions to service buttons in the interface and additional texts on e-queue tickets.

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