Integration with LDAP


Our system supports Single Sign-On technology with Kerberos encryption (in some cases with NTLM authentication) which will be interesting for large customers with large-scale networks of electronic queues.

SSO mechanism greatly simplifies the process of employee authorization due to one-time entry of authorization data in Active Directory (using LDAP protocol) for subsequent access to all applications. Authorization data is stored centrally and hidden from employees.

As a result, employees get seamless access to Smartix electronic queue software and all its components based on a single login and password with predefined rights. Accounts are managed through a single entry point on the LDAP Active Directory server.


Various types of authentication, including two-factor authentication, one-time passwords, if necessary based on biometric data

Authorization in offline mode when there is no connection, use of local SSO profiles with limited lifetime

Delegation of access rights between employees with full control of actions

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